2021-2022 Scheduling Course Request Information

It's that time of year again! As we continue to navigate the challenges of learning this year, it's also time to focus our sights on getting ready for the 21-22 school year! On the left you will find links to access informational pages for all four graduating classes. Please follow the link for your (or your student's) graduating class. On your class page you will find a pre-recorded informational webinar on how to select the courses to meet your needs, graduation requirements, dual enrollment opportunities, and credit recovery. You will also find a pre-recorded webinar showing you how to navigate using PowerSchool to submit your requests. Additionally there are instructions for students on how to complete their Educational Development Plan (EDP), this is required of all students to complete once a year. You will also find links to the course catalogs in case you are uncertain about what a course is. 

Please remember that your schedule is student driven. This means that the courses we choose to schedule are based on both the needs and selections of our students. Therefore it is very important to request your courses (and alternates) wisely because these are the courses that will get scheduled. This also means that just because a course is requested, this doesn't guarantee that it will get scheduled. Not every single course we offer can be scheduled every year, and not every course is going to fit into every schedule. We do our best to adhere to first choice selections, but this is not always possible and you must select alternate courses to help increase the chances of getting a schedule of your choosing. The webinar directing you on how to submit your course requests will also show you how to select alternates. 

Please follow the link to the left for your (or your student's) graduating class to access the information for submitting your course requests and other required activities. 

The contact information and caseload designations for our School Counseling Department are located below. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your counselor with questions and concerns about submitting your 21-22 course requests. 

All course requests for the 2021-2022 school year must be submitted no later than March 5th. Course requests not made by this date will be left to the discretion of the student's school counselor. 

Harper Creek High School Counselors: 

Kim Oaks (A-G)

Lin Lovrenovic (H-P)

Amanda May (Q-Z)