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Hybrid Building Schedule

S2 1.18.21
Here’s the latest information on coming back to school!

Team H students will arrive Monday Morning, January 18th, and receive a schedule with their locker information. They will then begin their school day. 

TEAM C students will not arrive to school in-person until Thursday, January 21st. Their schedules and locker information will be waiting for them at that time. Since TEAM C is not beginning Face-to-Face instruction until Thursday, January 21st, you should check your school email account in Outlook on Monday, January 18th to see if your teacher has any expectations before Thursday.  Once TEAM C students check their Outlook school emails from their teacher(s), they will know what their expectations are for their classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Most of our TEAM C students should not expect direct instruction/assignments from their teachers until they arrive to school on Thursday, January 21stIf you are unable to check, or do not hear from your teacher(s) before Thursday, DON”T PANIC! We will work together to get you started once face-to-face instruction begins!

Team H and TEAM C students should bring their laptops, charged and ready to use. Students are reminded they are expected to wear masks, and should bring their own water bottles- drinking fountains are closed except for filling water bottles.

TEAM H and TEAM C BCAMSC students who require transportation to and from HCHS will have work space available to them to work on their BCAMSC classes.  It is recommended they also bring headphones, as there will be several students working on different classes in a shared learning space. You may also want to bring books and other educational materials to fill down-time between classes

We also have important information on classroom codes on the left hand side of this webpage under “Important Information.”

We are very excited to return to in-person instruction and see our students again.  There will certainly be challenges and much to learn, and we will do our best to provide updates and changes if needed.  In the meantime, we thank you for your patience and grace - GO BEAVERS!

                         Message to Virtual Learners

Virtual student schedules are completed for most students.  Virtual students should not expect to begin direct virtual instruction from HCHS staff until Thursday, January 21st. Beginning Monday, January 18th however, virtual students should monitor their Outlook school emails for contact from their HCHS virtual teachers.  If your schedule appears incomplete, please know we are working on it and will have additional information on schedules and how to begin virtual classes when it is available. It is not uncommon for 100% virtual classes to begin later than the normal school year, and nearly all virtual elective classes will begin through Graduation Alliance on Tuesday, January 26th

We also have important information on classroom codes to join your teacher’s virtual classrooms on the left hand side of this webpage under “Important Information.”

Synchronous class days and times, along with basic Virtual Expectations are located at HCHS S2 Virtual Schedule.

You can order your cap and gown beginning Monday, November 30th.  Please visit www.Jostens.com for more information.
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                     HCHS Virtual Learning Expectations 

Learning does not stop when you are not in the building!  The school day times, from 7:45 am to 2:50 pm, should still be dedicated to learning when you are not present in school. This is especially true this year as all students are spending all or part of their time with virtual learning.   

Each weekday that students are not at school, they should:

  • Check their HCHS Outlook email accounts – morning and afternoon
  • Log onto their Google and/or Schoology classrooms to check for assignments
  • Complete assigned Check
  • Respond to communications (emails, texts, classroom posts) from teachers

Additionally, students may have the opportunity on Wednesdays to:

  • Meet with their teachers (in a virtual meeting or in-person) for additional instruction
  • Join a virtual meeting for interventions, discussion or help

100% virtual students are expected to do the following each school day as well:  

  • Check their HCHS Outlook email accounts – morning and afternoon
  • Log onto their Google and/or Schoology classrooms to check for assignments
  • Check with their Michigan Virtual or Graduation Alliance Classrooms (if enrolled)
  • Attend scheduled virtual meetings for instruction
  • Join optional virtual meeting(s) for interventions, discussion or help
  • Respond to communications (emails, texts, classroom posts) from HCHS teachers

Teacher work days are from 7:45 am to 3:05 pm. Virtual assignments can be submitted at any time within assigned deadlines, but please realize teacher availability and responses should not be expected outside the scheduled work day. Please allow time for a response/feedback from the teacher during the scheduled work day or the following day. 

Teaching and learning has never been more challenging for this generation of teachers and learners.  We appreciate the efforts you are making, and will continuously assess our programming to improve and support our students, our families, and our staff.  Thank you!