Ed GreenmanEd Greenman,  Athletic Director

Participation in athletics is, and always will be, considered a privilege for our students. Let me begin by saying that being your Athletic Director is also a privilege. One of my roles is to lead the school and community in creating and maintaining an atmosphere which is conducive to an educationally sound athletic program. With 21 sports in the high school incorporating 38 teams and 74 coaches, it is important for each of us in the Athletic Department to be a role model in the development of each student. With the support of parents and community members, it is our goal to put students in situations where he or she can learn and grow while creating fond lifelong memories through athletics.

We hope to see as many of you as possible at our games. I would ask that you let your voice be heard in a positive way. Be the person in the crowd who cheers for our team, as opposed to yelling at the official. Be the one who gives the coach an encouraging slap on the back, as opposed to the one that talks behind his back. Be the one who puts their hands together in appreciation of a good play, instead of the one that sits on their hands.

Please call me at 269-441-8461 with questions, concerns, or to tell me how happy you are with our students and coaches and the way they represent the Harper Creek district.

Melissa Feasel, Athletic Secretary, can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at 269-441-8462.



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