Dual Enrollment


Students are allowed to dual enroll as part of their schedule at Harper Creek High School. We have a partnership with Kellogg Community College (KCC) that helps students challenge themselves and experience college before they graduate. 

In accordance with the Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act (PSEOA) (Public Act 160 of 1996) and the Career and Technical Preparation Act (Public Act 258 of 2000), Harper Creek High School provides general information about the PSEOA and college equivalent classes to all students. The Public Acts currently allow students to take up to 10 dual enrollment classes in grades 9-12 with different grade levels having different individual limits. Students at HCHS are assisted in finding courses, completing applications, and looking up credit transfer information. 

PA 258 specifies qualifications for membership and considerations for school districts when determining if a student qualifies for dual enrollment. The Public Acts do not prohibit a district from supporting any pupil regardless of eligibility under these acts. A district may choose to support college-level or career preparation courses for any pupil if it is in the best interest of the pupil. 
Information to Consider Before Dual Enrolling
  • The student is ready for a college experience
  • Students are responsible for their own transportation
  • Students are on track for attaining credits towards graduation
  • Student attendance records do not indicate a history of truancy (more than 10 days)
  • Students must have received a qualifying score on at least one of the following tests: MME, ACT, SAT, PSAT or Next Generation
  • Dual enrollment courses may not replace any courses required or offered by the district. An exception to this is if the administration determines there is a scheduling conflict beyond the student's control
  • The dual enrollment course may NOT be in the subject area of physical education, theology, divinity, or religious education; hobby and recreational courses are prohibited as well.
  • Students must take all state and district assessments during scheduled times. This includes but is not limited to, the M-STEP, PSAT, SAT, NWEA and final exams.
  • If students have previously failed a dual enrollment course, the cost of the course must be paid back before you are eligible to take another.
  • Failing or withdrawing from a dual enrollment class could negatively affect eligibility for federal financial aid following graduation.
  • It is the student's responsibility to communicate with their college instructor if they are going to miss a dual-enrolled course regardless of the reason (illness, state-testing, final exams, etc.)
  • If textbooks are not returned within 3 days of completion of the class, the student is responsible for the cost of the book
  • There is an allotted amount that HC will pay for the dual-enrolled course. Should your course exceed that amount, the student is responsible for the remaining balance. 
  • The HCHS schedule takes priority over dual enrolled courses. Should a dual-enrolled course conflict with a HCHS schedule, it is the student's responsibility to adjust their dual-enrolled courses. This may mean finding a new section, finding a new class altogether or not dual enrolling at all.
  • If students need assistance in adjusting dual-enrolled schedules, they must contact their college advisor. This also includes planning for post-secondary transferable credits. 

Steps to Enroll in Dual Enrollment 

Meet with your School Counselor the semester BEFORE you want to enroll. 
-School Counselor will check student attendance records. Students cannot be absent for more than 10 days in any class.
-School Counselor will check that the student is on track for graduation.
-School Counselor will check if the student has a qualifying score on MME, ACT, SAT, PSAT or Next Generation tests.

Apply at KCC using the Dual Enrollment Application 
-When the student meets with their School Counselor they will either apply while still in the counseling office or complete the following steps at home.
-Student will go to www.kellogg.edu
-Click on Apply Now at the top of the page
-Scroll down just a little to find the High School/Dual Enrolled Students box
-Click on Apply Now link
-Student will need to Create Account with an email and password
-Once the account is created the student can finish the application

Obtain K-ID
-Once the application is completed the student will receive their K-ID in the mail
-The K-ID is how students log in to the Bruins Portal and how they register for their classes
-In this letter, it tells the student how to set up their password. Students can complete this step on their own or they can come to visit their School Counselor. 

Meet with School Counselor Again
-At this point, students could register for classes at KCC
-Students should meet with their School Counselor to make sure that registration is open and to discuss which KCC class(es) they will schedule
-School Counselors HAVE to know which classes and sections the student registered. We send over authorization paperwork to KCC. Without this paperwork, the student can be dropped from the class. 
-Student will turn in the Harper Creek High School Dual-Enrollment Agreement for each semester they are Dual Enrolling.

Register for Class
-After their School Counselor knows which classes the student plans on registering for the student can register.
-If it is an online class students will need to take the Online Learner Orientation before enrolling in their class

Transfer Guides
-If you plan to attend another school besides KCC it might be good to check the KCC Transfer Guides
-These guides help show students which KCC class will transfer to other colleges in MICHIGAN. If you plan on attending college out of state you should check with that college.