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Cynthia Schofield, Ph.D.


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English III - 4th Block (C)


1996 Ph.D. in English Michigan State University

Dissertation Topic: Chronotope in the Female Journey

1983 M.A. in Special Education: Emotional Impairment

Western Michigan University

1981 B.A. in English Michigan State University

Minor in Secondary Education and History


Guided Highlighted Reading: A Close-Reading Strategy for Navigating Complex Text. Maupin House Publishing, 2012.
Reading to the Core: Learning to Read Closely, Critically and Generatively to Meet Performance Tasks.  Capstone Classroom Publishing, 2014.

Schofield, Cynthia. “Man’s Need to Testify, Remember, and Transcend Language.” The Stones Weep: Teaching the Holocaust through a Survivor’s Art. Miriam M. Brysk and Margaret G. Lincoln. East Stroudsburg PA: Gihon River Press, 2013. 123-140. Print.

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